Dimensions of the Treshka greenhouse

Width - 3m.

Height - 2.1 m.

Length - 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m.

The maximum snow load of 180 kg / m²

Prices from $199

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Greenhouse frame kit pricing

4 m. - $199

6 m. - $269

8 m. - $319
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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Reference information Delivered unassembled Base of 4 meters - 5 packages with a total weight of 54.6 kg + 3 polycarbonate sheets - 30 kg. Block of 2 meters - 2 packages with a total weight of 18.7 kg + 1 polycarbonate sheet - 10 kg. Goes with 4 mm thick polycarbonate. Out of the box has two doors and two vents. Ability to install additional air vents in the roof - yes. Ability to install automatic air vents in the roof - no. Permissible roof load of 180 kg per square meter.
The Tryoshka garden greenhouse is the most inexpensive of the good sturdy greenhouses. It replaced the outdated model Dachnaya 2 Doom. Tryoshka has been designed to take into account and fix all the drawbacks that emerged during the fifteen years of the production of the previous model. The engineers of the Volya company had a task to create a greenhouse that would be as inexpensive as 2 Doom, but twice stronger. And they successfully fulfilled this task. The structure of Tryoshka can be compared with the strongest arch-shaped greenhouse Optima, which unfortunately is now available only on request as it was removed from the mass production due to a high price. Tryoshka is made of the same wide galvanized profile 60 × 20 mm, but the thickness of the metal is slightly smaller - 0.7 mm. The roof of Tryoshka can withstand 180 kg per square meter, which is a snow layer of 50 - 60 cm (in 2 Doom - 90 kg). A snow layer more than 60 cm may crush the greenhouse, so the owner of Tryoshka should either put on supporting girders for the winter or remove the snow in the case of exceeding the maximum allowed layer. Operating experience of Tryoshka for three winters has revealed only one drawback - a weak additional vent in the roof. A very thick layer of snow can push it down. In general, it is not a big problem as additional vents are necessary for greenhouses longer than six meters. To ventilate a shorter greenhouse, two out-of-the-box vents is enough, and in very hot weather, you can open both doors wide open. If you need an additional vent, it is possible to strengthen it or fix it in spring. For the rest, this is a great affordable model, all the owners are satisfied.
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